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Vilkikai gali tureti daug ašiu, nelygu kokios apkrovos pageidaujate. Ašiu tiltu konfiguracija gali buti ivairi. Dažniausiai pasitaikantys tipai yra: 4x2, 6x2 ir 6x4. Tiesa, kai kurie gamintojai siulo ir 6x6, 8x6, 8x8, 10x8, net 10x10 variantus. Europoje dažniausiai naudojama 4x2 ir 6x2 ašiu tiltu konfiguracija..

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游戏名:雪地奔驰 man tgs480 10x10自卸卡车,传送带2段完成!, 视频播放量 4121、弹幕量 8、点赞数 103、投硬币枚数 18、收藏人数 22、转发人数 4, 视频作者 半颗心的猫, 作者简介 大家好,我是猫猫!喜欢模拟驾驶类游戏!感谢关注,么么哒!.

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lotter6 results. KAMAZ-65228 by Nick Ural Vitargan177 10x10 by Vitargan177 Kamaz 54115 by Forester Rabid Canary- Stetson ST+ by Stetson IFA W50L by msergt Pack Trailer Default muzden (rus) by muzden (rus) Kirovets K701M 6x6 by Darius ZiL-131 (Chernobyl edition) by [mBiG]RedPaW Kamazs pack by Darius 2012 Dodge 5500 Dually by Brute UAZ-2206 by Create.

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